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I know it is a bit late, but better late than... you know how it goes. So here is the detailed documentation of the latest WINWEB version 6.4.0 Release d / .NETHTML5 Beta3.

The document is documenting the many new features added to the recent release, but it also touches base with more basic framework functionality. The purpose of the document is to serve Visual WebGui beginners as well as to support more advanced Visual WebGui developers.

We decided to release the documentation even that it is not yet fully completed, so our community can use it. We think it would better serve the community to release what we already completed and then update it as soon as we have completed more chapters. So missing chapters such as the new DockingManager control will be added in the near future. As always, we welcome any comments and corrections.

To access the document, go to the downloads section here, and you will find it within the Documentation section near the bottom in the WINWEB and .NETHTML5 columns. Or directly download it from this link.

Posted on Thursday, May 24, 2012 1:29 AM Ajax framework new releases , Web Development , Web Design , Open Source Community , HTML5 , Mobile Development | Back to top

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