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As you probably already know Visual WebGui has recently released an HTML5 supported (beta) version of its platform. Needless to say this new .NETHTML5 version generated a lot of buzz and interest which were followed by many inquiries so I want to share more information and the Gizmox vision for the HTML5 version.
I would like to start and state that at this point in time (May 2011) .NETHTML5 is functionally equivalent to the classic Visual WebGui WINWEB version.
The main current difference is at the client rendering engine, which was replaced from the XSLT engine to a JQT engine (based on jQuery templates). This new client core lays the foundation for the upcoming .NETHTML5 as it allows better cross-platform performance and brings support for mobile device browsers, such as iOS and Android, while adding support for HTML5.

At this opportunity I would like to invite you to watch on-demand a recent webinar we presented on the .NETHTML5 version and how Visual WebGui bridges between the power of .NET and the richness of HTML5 to form the best platform for creating rich enterprise-level HTML5 applications.

The webinar is available on our website:
In the near future .NETHTML5 will break away from WINWEB, and become much more web-oriented while adopting HTML5 as the future web and mobile standard, thus adding web functionalities, controls and further support for HTML5 capabilities. This means that .NETHTML5 will be moving away from the desktop look and feel to provide a more web-native experience.
At this point in time, WINWEB will continue to add compatibility to the MS .NET desktop application framework.
At a later phase we are planning to add a mobile designated framework to .NETHTML5. This will allow designated development, controls and form factor support for mobile devices and mobile device presentation of Visual WebGui standard browser applications. It will allow you to quickly and easily create an application with .NET Visual WebGui Form Designer and come up with a fully featured mobile application with support for all common mobile browsers and environments. The UI elements will also be revised compatible with the mobile application look and feel.
.NETHTML5 will bring data centric application development directly to you, with the visual richness capabilities of HTML5 in client and power of .NET code on the server, combined with the ease of use, the built-in multi-browser compatibility, the unmatched performance, the security, the scalability, the extensibility and many more benefits that Visual WebGui brings with it. At the end of the day, you will be able to create your HTML5 rich web applications, writing .NET code only.
A more detailed roadmap will be published shortly, so stay tuned.

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this will be an interesting technology to work for.
Left by Binod on Sep 01, 2011 10:35 PM

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I am sure that they will work perfect together. I am waiting for updates.
Left by charters Italy on Feb 28, 2012 11:51 PM

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why not? both can work together really good. I am sure that we will see a new concept in the near future.
Left by houses for sale in Vaughan on Mar 05, 2012 9:02 PM

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