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I want to introduce a new tool that can bring a huge change to your life by upgrading your Client/Server applications to a Web or Cloud based environment. Most of us are intimidated even by the thought of migrating a large, mission critical application to any technology. If it ain't broken why fix it, right?!

However, Visual WebGui is a unique platform that its architecture allows to convert .NET applications to ASP.NET VWG based Web and Cloud (SaaS) in a simple path and practically no risks since no rewrite or reengineering is required. Now, in order to support those declerations Visual WebGui released a tool that can analyze .NET Windows Forms applications in a matter of minutes and provide a quick assessment report about your Client/Server (.NET Windows Forms at the moment and soon VB6 and other Client/Server technologies) application readiness to be moved to Web and Cloud using the Visual WebGui CloudMove solution.

The AssessmentTool is a simple, downloadable standalone EXE application that can be executed on the runtime assemblies of a WinForms application, from which it extracts detailed information regarding your project (technology statistics and usages). This information is by no mean a risk to your intellectual property as it collects technological information and statistics and not business logic analysis or algorithms capturing.

This tool is based on a wide database which is created progressively during the assessment process. After creating this database we run some queries on it, searching for patterns and usages that are risky or requiring manual adjustments when running as VWG Web or Cloud. The results are aggregated as a readable report which indicates the relative portion of the application that can be reused automatically (as-is). In addition it provides more specific information on the parts that will require adjustments and manual intervention.

Assessmentool Report 

This report assists you further to decide and assess the efforts require to upgrade the application to the Web, based on the level of the automatic transposition vs. the manual intervention required. We expect that the majority of Window Form applications will show 80% - 90% portion readiness for transposition and will not require manual adjustment.

More info and the free download is available here.

Posted on Sunday, November 7, 2010 12:33 AM Ajax framework new releases , Web Development , Cloud computing | Back to top

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