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Up until a short while ago it wasn't even comprehensible that one can take a VB6 code and convert it into a Web based technology without having to actually rewrite the entire application code.

The need to convert the VB6 systems to the Web has been here for a while in order to modernize and enjoy the benefits of the Web such as accessibility, centralization and easier deployment and maintenance - not to mention user trends. However, that need has become stronger and stronger since Microsoft announcement to stop supporting VB6 and IT Managers as well as developers are looking for a supported standard code to which they can move their systems to.

Since the Visual WebGui Web & Cloud Platform's architecture is similar to that of Client-Server technologies and also shares similar concepts it is the closest Web or Cloud technology and thus allows the best migration path to a native Web based technology. Now, coupled with tools developed by Communitech a fairly simply conversion process of Client-Server systems, including VB6 code to the Web is possible and here is a strong case for demonstrating those groundbreaking capabilties

7 of the 9 leading insurance companies in Israel successfully converted their system from VB6 to VWG Web. Those systems were offered to insurance companies in Israel and North America by KBIS who evaluated several Microsoft based alternatives for the conversion project and eventually decided to use the Visual WebGui Platform which was offered by Communitech a Visual WebGui Partner.

The technological solution proposed by Communitech to KBIS was based on Visual WebGui, a platform which Communitech had started working with about 4 years ago. The conversion project went quicker and smoother than expected due to the combination of Visual WebGui and the tools and experience of Communitech. The first operational system was fully deployed in the first insurance company in a staggering short period of 6 months including a 3 months testing period in parallel to the previous system. "The conversion improved the performance of the system and its resilience while lowering the operational costs." Horizontal Applications Manager at a company specializing in car, home and health insurance. As a result, those organizations significantly minimized risks while hughly saving on time and money.

Read how 7 of the 9 leading insurance companies in Israel successfully converted system from VB6 to VWG Web.

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