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Redcastle CRM Limited specializes in Business Management Solutions usually based around an established CRM product. The company struggled to make a Web Application with the same user experience as the Windows client.

As a result, Redcastle looked for a solution that would allow the development of web modules that fit the user experience of their Windows client CRM system. Redcastle lead developer James Carter encountered Visual WebGui for the first time via a web advertisement which promised a rapid conversion of VB6 applications. Carter who was a bit skeptical at first decided to give Visual WebGui a try. Carter then downloaded Visual WebGui and found that "they did have a web based ListView control that did everything that the Windows control was capable of and much, much more!"

After a short evaluation it proved to be exactly what the people at Redcastle were after; a platform that allowed building and running of Windows based applications in a pure web environment.

"Using Visual WebGui our development times have been vastly reduced," said Lead Developer James Carter who continued that "adding a new list to a page/form is as simple as dragging a new control from the toolbox, and with only a few lines of code you have a list/table that supports row selection (no code required), column-click sorting (amazingly absolutely no code at all to achieve this), pagination, column repositioning via drag-drop (again totally free, no coding required), allowing the user to decide which columns to see and which to hide - all at the speed of light!. Using standard ASPX this would have taken much longer."

Redcastle Visual WebGui based CRM Module
Within a Windows client application, Redcastle successfully built a (SM7) Tab within the main browser area.

Read more here.

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