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Just a decade and a half ago, the process of building a simple Windows-based application could have been described as a nightmare. The introduction of Visual Basic changed it so developers could for the first time implement Windows applications in an intuitive, graphical environment by dragging controls onto a form.

The web revolution is here and now. Web had become very quickly the platform of choice for all kind of applications. The demand for web applications is ever growing and cloud computing is expected to bring along another jump in demand and usage of web. Ajax and RIA solutions which are web enhancement methodologies have added complexity to a much complicated as is, web development. There are a handful of solutions that target Ajax development but none has really brought with it the Visual Basic kind of simplification that had revolutionized the software industry. Web and now cloud is complex to develop with multi languages, require mastering of diversified skills, time consuming and risky. 

Now Visual WebGui does the same for the web development paradigm. Visual WebGui is extending VB.NET development simplicity into the up dated web and cloud user interface. It is transforming web development much like Visual Basic did with desktop. Its penetration can only be compared to that of VB back in the days. Since its introduction only couple of years ago, Visual WebGui had been adopted by hundreds of thousands of developers who had built more than 35,000 Visual WebGui applications to date.

Visual WebGui drag & drop designer for web
Visual WebGui VB.NET like drag & drop designer for web

 More information about the VWG revolution is available on the website:

The new enhanced VB-like development experience VS. traditional Ajax >

Windows to web or cloud migration >

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