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Visual WebGui a magical framework for better RIAs

Here is a very interesting article found on asp.netPRO that provides a review of Visual WebGui. The article was written by Bill Haider, a Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET and this is its overview:

"Living in the era of rich Internet applications (RIAs), as we ASP.NET developers do, calls for complex and interactive designs, easy deployment means, rapid development, and high-performance and scalable applications—not to mention the full features of an RIA solution. For a Windows Forms or Web Forms application developer, catching up with the latest technologies required for developing such RIAs requires time and training. But what if you had a magical tool that could help in the rapid development of RIAs, provide better and easier deployment, and help migrate Windows Forms desktop-like applications to RIAs?"

"...Such a tool exists: Visual WebGui, from Gizmox. Reviewing and exploring the Visual WebGui technology could spread over many articles, possibly even a book. But in this article's limited space, I'll provide a brief overview of the Visual WebGui technology, its key features, and the components bundled inside. In addition, I include a simple demonstration on how to use the Visual WebGui to show you how the theoretical explanation and practical application complement each other to provide a "magical" framework for better RIAs..."

Read the full article...


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