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The new Point & Click web design tool - the Control & Theme Designer - presents a ground breaking simple, intuitive developer/designer interface to creating advanced, customized, and creative customer-facing Web user interfaces (UIs) without any need to code in HTML and CSS.

The new tool will allow to easily create custom themes for Visual WebGui applications or download complete themes. New themes created by Gizmox that would give your Visual WebGui application familiar, cool looks are going to be available for download. Here are some examples of the themes that you should expect to see when 6.4 Preview is released demonstrated by screenshots of the same control with a different theme each time.

Mac Theme:

 dialogbox with Mac Theme

Google Analytics Theme:

 Google Analytics Theme dialogbox with Google Analytics Theme

Gmail Theme:

Gmail Theme dialogbox with Gmail Theme

Facebook Theme:

 Facebook Theme dialogbox with Facebook Theme

Vista Theme:

 Vista Theme dialogbox with Vista Theme

XP Theme:

 XP Theme dialogbox with XP Theme

Black Theme:

 Black Theme

You can also get more information through the following resources:

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