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WTF Next? Dev ramblings from a master of nothing.

I haven’t had the chance to update lately (by lately I mean this week really) because my grandfather has passed away. He was a great guy and I loved him. I just hope that he’s happier now than he was for his last few days on earth.

That was the bad news, but he was a great guy and I am better for knowing him. The good news is that I’m really motivated to get some new series under way.

The underlying idea when I made WTFNext was that I’ve seen so many tutorials that I’ve felt were incomplete or could be explained so much better, I felt that I should try to do those tutorials better myself. The name of this blog is a reference to how I felt after reading those incomplete and somewhat hard to follow tutorials.

So, on this site, I want to work my hardest so that you never have to read something I’ve written and wonder for yourself, “WTF do I do next?”

That being said, I want to outline what I expect to do in the upcoming posts.

  1. Series on threading to update the UI. I feel that if you’re looking to learn how to thread, you can find some resources that are helpful, but take a large amount of hard thought to understand. Threading really isn’t that bad, and in .NET there are some real easy steps you can follow to get threading implemented. From there, it isn’t much more difficult to update your main UI from your thread without locking the system down.
  2. Series on creating Ribbons in VS2008 with VSTO. Ribbons are a new beast that combines XML with programming addins using Visual Studio Tools for Office. We’ll take a look at the creation of a Ribbon, including full finished code for a ribbon that I think anyone might find useful.
  3. Miscellaneous rants and posts. I’m good at miscellaneous ;) Expect some future posts about what I deal with at work, at home, and also some opinions that you might not want to miss.

So I hope you guys stick around, because I’m really looking forward to the upcoming posts here on this blog.

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