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If you follow the GWB blogs, chances are you’ll get tired of hearing this. However, the ASP.NET MVC Beta has been released, and I think a good amount of people are very excited for its release.

I remember our BRDNUG meeting on the ASP.NET MVC, and how it was hard to tell anyone what would work for which preview version because of the vast differences and changes that occurred between the early previews and the later previews. Now that we have a beta, we should see a lot more stable MVC.

From the release notes:

What’s New

ASP.NET MVC Beta is an officially supported Beta release of the ASP.NET MVC framework. As always, feel free to provide feedback on the ASP.NET MVC forums (

Note: Before you run the ASP.NET MVC Beta installer, uninstall any earlier previews of ASP.NET MVC that you have installed. In addition, close all instances of Visual Studio 2008.

This section provides information about the new and changed features in this release.

MVC Futures

Several preview releases contained an extra assembly named MvcFutures.dll. This assembly contains code that the feature team might want to include in future versions of ASP.NET MVC. This code has not undergone rigorous testing and might not meet the high quality bar that the team sets for production releases.

We will not be releasing this assembly in the RTM version of ASP.NET MVC. Therefore, in the ASP.NET MVC Beta , we’ve removed this assembly from the project template, because the Beta is intended to be as similar to the RTM release as possible. Some of the features in this assembly might make be integrated into the core framework in a future version of ASP.NET MVC.

The assembly remains available as a separate download. If you have created code that relies on this assembly, you can download it from Note that this code is not supported—use it at your own risk.

Changes Made Between Preview 3 and Beta

ASP.NET MVC Preview 3 was the last official release of ASP.NET MVC that was posted on the Web site. There have been subsequent interim releases on the CodePlex site at

This section describes changes that were made between the Preview 3 release and the current Beta release. If you’ve been using the latest releases on CodePlex, you can skip to the next section, which covers just the changes that have been made since CodePlex Preview 5.

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