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This festive season had nothing to offer other than grief and death. I was in Chennai on the morning of December 26th. The D-Day when the sea battered the land carrying thousands of people into its watery grave. There were a lucky few who survived but were others were swallowed by the angry waves. The death toll is now posted at several hundred thousands. The survivors are stranded without food or water and are facing the danger of an epidemic as the relief authorities are reeling under the sheer number of the bodies of the victims that they have to cremeate.

If this were not enough, our team mate expired in an accident. He had got married only on the 19th of December and had gone with his wife and his friends to Yercaud to welcome and celebrate the new year. I pray god (if there is one) to stop creating so much havoc and concentrate on *his* job. I got a stupid mail this morning stating that the Tsunami was the effect of God's anger as we commercialize Christmas. What kind of a sick guy would say something like that.

One more thing, I have started blogging in my native toungue. For all who can read Hindi, please visit

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I thought your native tongue was Tamil. When did it become Hindi?
Left by uknow on Mar 31, 2005 2:18 PM

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