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Microsoft Unveils Windows Vista Product Lineup
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Microsoft has announced the Windows Vista Product line-up last evening. For the past few weeks, the SKU's for Windows Vista have been much speculated about.

  • Windows Vista Business
    • Aero Capabiity.
    • Tablet PC capability.
  • Windows Vista Enterprise
    • Aero Capability.
    • Includes Windows BitLocker, Virtual PC Express, and Sub-system for Unix Applications.
    • Only Available under the Software Assurance Program or Enterprise Agreement.
  • Windows Vista Home Basic
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
    • Aero Capability.
    • Windows Media Center capability.
    • DVD burning and creation.
    • Tablet PC capability
  • Windows Vista Ultimate
    • Pretty much comes with everything.
  • Windows Vista Starter
    • Very Basic features.

So going by what Microsoft released tonight, Windows Media Center won't be available in every SKU, rather only the Home Premium and Ultimate Versions. No mention of Media Center for Buiness and Enterprise were made. Also, it looks as though Aero won't be included in Home Basic and of course Starter. I wonder what the different between Home Basic and Starter is?

It also seems BitLocker is going to be available only to the Enterprise edition - but will it be included in the Ultimate edition? I attended a web conference last Novemember and Microsoft representatives said that the Enterprise edition will offer features for the Enterprise not available in any other SKU. I wonder if BitLocker is one of them?

There is no mention of any "N" Versions for Windows Vista at this time.
All versions will be availalbe in 32bit or 64bit.

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