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Tech Notes There are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who dont!

MUGH Site has many really kool and awesome features from xml, alrerts, wap to scoretrackers, etc etc and all these features are free its just appling or actually using one’s head!

Well here’s the deal! Anjana is forcing a magician (me) to tell his secrets. As this wud benifit other User Groups and Communities i am revealig my chota mota tricks so that u can too use this to make ur websites more and easy accessable.

XML if u hav these 3 letters on ur site u can use it to hav way loads of features and many more ! from email alerts to site update alerts and announcements to ur mobile! so how to make ur already exisiting website to xml enabled / powered! well if u want to do it the actual supposed way u hav to learn to design xslt to render xml in webpage format bla bla bla…. / u want to do the fastest geeky way or my way here’s the procedure.

  • use a blog engine why not no rule that u only can use it for blogging
  • using blogger is more better as it doesnt install on ur webspace it just creates pages n updates it lol.
  • now how ?

how ? blogengine has everythin and is everything u need. blogger or any blogengine uses templates all u need to do is create / convert ur to a template format space for posts static content space well sorted out so as they dont fight with each other making the page look weird once u create ur template depends on the users hard work if u design one that really rocks it shd look like this lol!

Its not easy but is not difficult either depends on ur level of interest to make ur site rock.
this way u can hav ur website dynamic hav way loads of other features like mobile alerts added and make it look real kool.

Tools to use : u can use nvu or frontpage or even visual web developer express, which ever wud make u feel comfortable to work with. use of these tools will make ur work easy as u can modify do changes and instantly see how the template looks with these changes.

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