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       ASP.NET WebControls do more than just allow you to write reusable components. They can provide an entire approach to Web application development, allowing you to bring a new level of OOP to the UI and letting you program declaratively. 
What is declarative programming ? how you can use it when developing ASP.NET Web applications, and how, with the help of WebControls, to use it as an approach to ASP.NET development ?????
Lately I've come to notice that no other programming term has more definitions than declarative programming. This article will attempt to explain declarative programming in terms of how it applies to .NET development, specifically ASP.NET through the use of WebControls by illustrating some real-world examples n projects.
Declarative programming by way of custom controls has always been a part of Windows (WinForms) development. But it wasn't until the release of ASP.NET that developers got a chance to apply these principles and techniques to Web development.
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