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      Documenting your code is often the last thing you would do in your typical project cycle. While the importance of writing documentation has been stressed umpteen times, developers usually devote the best part of the project cycle to building new features, and then finally doing a mediocre job at the end writing the dreaded documentation. Borrowing the popular clean as you go phrase found in a lot of kitchens, the best way to churn out top quality documentation for your project would be to document as you go.

                   Learn how to use a freely available PowerToy to add XML documentation support to your Visual Basic .NET application and create documentation as you write your code.(get the full article...)

       In Visual Studio .NET 2003, XML code documentation is supported in C#, but not in Visual Basic .NET. However, you can download a free plug-in known as VBCommenter PowerToy to enable XML in-line documenting in Visual Studio .NET 2003. You can download VBCommenter at gotdotnet.

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