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Channel 9 has put up this very kool video starring The Avalon team! u just wudnt wanna miss this!

Pablo Fernicola, group program manager (guy who runs the Avalon team), Arik Cohen, lead program manager, and Rob Relyea, lead program manager on the XAML team, talk about the four-year development of Avalon, which is the future way you'll program Windows applications.

The really kool demos start at 33:30, by the way. Don't miss those! Nathan Dunlap is the designer on those and his blog is here.

For more information on Avalon, please visit the Avalon Developer Center.

Video length: 01:01:13.

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in case u are wondering why the title my late nite movie, now the time is 2:30 am!
( Now imagine this : i dont hav a broadband! )

UPDATE # 220405:

Click here to see the preview of the great effects u can develop using avlon !
extract of video, converted to gif for low bandwidth users :)
Time taken to create this GIF >5 min, enjoy!

Articles :
A First Look at 3-D Support in Avalon
   Download Avalon 3-D Code Samples
   Create Real Apps Using New Code and Markup Model

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