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Flashback(u can skip this part):  NECESSITY: " Now u might hav heard of gmail being used as gmail drive and many other things. but this is kool (my ideas are generally kool, LOL) a couple of weeks ago our ( mugh core ) mailing list software crashed! we were using an opensource tool that is installed on to ur server cleans all spam and only delivers mails from and to the members of the mailing list. it was the time when devcon activity was on high and the the softy crashed! nobody new what was goin on me sudha arun were bangin our heads tryin to get the sofware back online and finally gave up! arun copied all the mail address on the list and stared mailed them for a while we used reply all to aruns mail and the thread continued. i was using gmail to full extent possible forwarders filters labels i was evn approachin to 1gb :D i had a forwarder that wud route any gmail i get to my gprs enabled phone (mms mails are free - HUTCH) just then EUREKA!!!

[GMAIL private mailing list] All i had to do was to use filters n forwarders in a combination and i can create my own mailing list ! using Gmail Gateway! the following picture shd give u a clear idea if it doesn't just mail me ;)

now comparisions (the best part) !

Old Mailing List Software Vs. Mine [ GMail's ;) ]

  • OMS: Needs Installation ur valuable server space wasted! (homework for us to remember n delete it everytime to avoid all the webspace gettin eaten up by the Mailing list archives.)
    Mine: NO Installation required!
  • OMS: HORRIBLY DIFFICULT settings and confusing UI
    Mine: wat settings ? LOL, just addin a filter.
  • OMS: EATS IN THE WEBSPACE by retaining a copy of all the mails on the SERVER.
    Mine: I hav a better one GMAIL SPAM! Filter

added in are all the features and subtracted in all the troubles that are in the OMS. these are the few more things i hav, that the mailing list software dint!

  • send mail thru multipe (subscribed to core) accounts but receive to only one. ( ease of use! )
  • has a copy of all the mails & attachments retained in gmail!
  • u can chk if all the core are receving mails or not!

[ coremail[at] ] is now the new mailing list of core ! ( power'd by Google, LOL)

End of the day one can ask why not use a yahoo grp or a google grp? why do wen u can hav ur own without any restrictions.
ps: they dont retain attachments in grp, my list does :-)

Just in case u are wondering: this is completely legid ! :-)) LOL

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# re: Another gr8 use of GMAIL!
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you rock ! man :-)
Left by Sudhakar on Apr 18, 2005 12:55 PM

# re: Another gr8 use of GMAIL!
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Great Work Buddy !!! :) Keep it up :)
Left by G. Gnana Arun Ganesh. on Apr 18, 2005 1:12 PM

# re: Another gr8 use of GMAIL!
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Great idea!

I have one question: Do you think there is a way to bulk create filters?

Left by sidnei on Jun 09, 2007 7:12 PM

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