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Inspired by Steve Ballmer, here's some cheerleading for the most important part of the software development process...

UPDATE: Here's a larger, more legible WMV version.

Once upon a time, I wrote a book. Or rather, I wrote all but one-half of chapter 3 of a book: Requirements Patterns & AntiPatterns, sold to Addison-Wesley.

For various reasons -- partly lost motivation when my Dad died, partly needing to put food on the table, partly just not finding time -- I've never been able to finish chapter 3. And chapter 3 was always planned as the critical chapter, the chapter which would help you to know when and why to use the patterns (and avoid the antipatterns) found in later chapters.

But lately, I've been really wishing I had that book on my shelf. Because lately, even more than when I started the book, I'm finding that most development problems are requirements problems. We know the tech, for the most part; but we're solving the wrong problems. And I keep wanting to hand someone the book and say, "Here. I already wrote everything I need to say. Please read this pattern, then get back to me if you have questions.

And lately, thanks in large part to reader feedback on the Lounge, I've been feeling more creative and motivated.

So I'm diving back in. Thanks to all for the encouragement, even though you didn't know you were providing it.

Chapter 3, here I come!


Posted on Monday, November 17, 2008 1:01 PM Ulterior Motive Lounge , Requirements Patterns and Antipatterns , Development Processes | Back to top

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