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News Brandy Favilla is currently the Community Engagement Manager at New Horizons of Minnesota ( In this position, she helps people define and build their careers through educational events. Brandy focuses on networking with members of the Information Technology community to form partnerships in education. She strives to maintain New Horizons’ reputation as a high-quality learning center throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. Some of her accomplishments include chairing the committee for both the TechFuse and MindSurf Conferences hosted by New Horizons, co-chairing Twin Cities Code Camp and Twin Cities SharePoint Camp, Co-host of the Twin Cities Developers Guild, VP of PR for TechMasters (, Communications Chair of PACT (, Programs chair for IAMCP, President of the Business Intelligence User Group ( and actively participating in the SharePoint User Group ( *the thoughts and opinions in this blog are my own and do not reflect the opinions of New Horizons of Minnesota
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There are 3 seminars this week:

SharePoint Server 2007:  Connecting People Process and Information - Tuesday morning
How I Became a Software Quality Muscle Man - Tuesday afternoon
Server 2008 Active Directory Services and Your Infrastructure (Windows Server 2008 - What's new?) - Wednesday morning

Details Below for each one:

SharePoint Server 2007: Connecting People, Process and Information
:Tuesday, June 24, 2008 from 9-11:30am

Registration Link:

Street: 8300 Norman Center Drive
City: Bloomington
State: Minnesota
Country: USA

Please note that this event has been moved to the Microsoft Office.

This is a joint seminar with New Horizons of MN and Inetium. This session will explore how Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 can boost organizational effectiveness by providing a comprehensive business solution for managing content, accessing information efficiently, improving business processes, and facilitating team collaboration and communication.

Topics to be discussed during this session include:

Business Intelligence
Business Processes and Forms
Content Management
Platform Scenarios: Intranet, Extranet, Internet
Learning Paths
This session will also feature a case study and demonstrate the rich integration between the 2007 Microsoft Office System and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007


How I Became a Software Quality Muscle Man
:Tuesday, June 24, 2008 from 1-4pm

Registration Link

Street: 4510 West 77th St, Suite 210
City: Edina
State: Minnesota
Country: USA

Description:  Yes, I'll admit it. Not long ago I was a 90 pound quality weakling. Other developers would kick sand in my face and flex their low bug counts and rock solid code, but I just couldn't get my code integrated fast enough to fight back. I didn't even know if my entire application would compile, let alone if the pieces would all work together! It was embarrassing… humiliating even. But that was before I discovered Team System and the included build system! I started an automated build workout regimen and started flexing my low bug biceps. I started out easy by automating the compile process, and working it out once a day. Then I added unit tests to my application and my code got stronger. A little profiling sprints and I got faster. A quick check-up using code metrics revealed some areas that needed work. I set up some tests to make sure I was meeting my targets, and soon my metrics got cleaner. Things were looking up! The daily build was working out my code, but I wanted more! It wasn't long before I was up to multiple build reps a day. In fact, within a month I was integrating my code at every check in. Then I started to add variety to my workout. I threw in a few unit tests first to run during the build, and bulked up fast. Then functional tests, and I really got strong. I even started deploying my application with every build, giving me rock hard, six-pack abs to bounce my tests against. Today, I'm a quality stud, and no one challenges the quality of my code.

Don't miss this session! In it, you'll learn how to use Team System 2008 to radically improve the quality of your code, as well as have confidence you have in every line of code you write. And that's not all! You'll be entertained, no delighted, with the flashing light that is triggered by my planned (of course) build failures! You'll love it so much, you'll want your own. And you're in luck, since I'll also include the code and instructions for building your own "build break" notifier (siren, flashing light, sound effect, or lava lamp).

Don't let others challenge the quality of your code! Register today and start flexing those quality muscles now!


Server 2008 Active Directory Services and Your Infrastructure (Windows Server 2008 - What's new?)
Date:Wednesday, June 25, 2008 from 9-11:30am

Registration Link:

Street: 4510 West 77th St., Suite 210
City: Edina
State: Minnesota
Country: USA

Windows Server 2008 introduces a number of new features that are designed to streamline the role of the Active Directory in your environment, as well as promote a dramatic change in the idea of Branch Office Optimization. Traditionally a Domain Controller has been a fairly heavy handed server that has a single purpose in your environment. But many of the new features in Windows Server 2008, like Server Core, Read-Only DCs, and Fine-Grained Password Policies, will change the way Active Directory is designed and deployed, as well as how it will evolve over time. This presentation will highlight many of these new features in Windows Server 2008 and show how they can have a dramatic impact on your environment.

About the Presenter
Jason Godfrey is an Active Directory Architect with RBA consulting based in Wayzata Minnesota. Over the last 10 years he has designed and deployed some of the most complex Active Directory environments in the world. His clients range from a single site company of 100 employees, to companies spanning the globe with over 100,000 employees.

Working closely with Microsoft over the last 10 years has allowed Jason to establish himself as one of the leaders in the Active Directory space and become well known for his designs and deployments. He has also become known for his ability to navigate complex and often heated political environments to promote solutions that will stand the test of time

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