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Windows Azure

To the cloud! Information regarding Microsofts cloud computing platform - Windows Azure.

Please note that if you have a Windows Azure website, or use SQL Azure, your site may be experiencing downtime currently.

I’ll be honest, I had never really secured a site before with SSL. This was a learning experience for me in the first place, but little did I know that I would be learning more than the simple procedure.

I was pulling my hair out with this one… Which isn’t good considering I have so little of it left! I had upgraded to the Windows Azure 1.7 SDK the day before with no problems, and used the upgraded ‘Publish…’ dialog to successfully publish a website to my hard disk for hosting on an internal development server. However, when trying to deploy another project to my file system, there were no files in the target directory. If you installed the Azure 1.7 SDK, you may want to read this.

Today, Microsoft will be publicly releasing a new version of Azure for public consumption. The web conference, at http://www.meetwindowsazure.com will be airing at 1 PM PST. They have already released an update to the Service Dashboard that can be accessed by going to http://manage.windowsazure.com. I have some images of the new dashboard here that I have gathered and removed any PII from. Let me know what you think!