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After following steps in this link, I found that my projects would still not build correctly. 

The error I got in the build was:

"The path C:\Documents and Settings\myBuildServiceUser\Local Settings\Temp\myProject\Build1\Sources\WindowsFormsApplication1 is already mapped in workspace myBuildServerMachineName_16."

To fix this problem you need to delete all workspaces on the build server (owned by the user account that the build service runs as) - these are named buildservername_nn where buildservername is your build server name and nn is a number it assigns as it generates them (upon the first time a build is run).  It appear that these old workspaces are incompatible with the MSBuild 4.0 engine - hence we delete them so it can re-create them upon next build.

To get a list of all the workspaces on the build server use this command:

tf.exe workspaces /owner:myTFSBuildServiceUser /server:myTFSServer /computer:myBuildServerMachineName

tf.exe is run from the VS command prompt (TFS/VS2008 install dir: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE).

or just run a build - to get the error message mentioned above - this will provide the problem workspace name (eg myBuildServerMachineName_16).

The following command will delete a workspace:

tf.exe workspace /delete /server:myTFSServer workspaceName;myBuildServerUser

See this article for how to delete workspaces.

Attrice's Team Foundation Sidekicks provides a nice GUI to both view and remove workspaces.

UPDATE 21 September 2010:
Updated/re-written to correct a number of things.  

If you get the following error:
"TF30076: The server name myTFSServer provided does not correspond to a server URI that can be found. Confirm that the server name is correct."
Then you will need to specify it's full URI eg:
tf.exe workspace /delete /server:http://myTFSServer:8080 myBuildServer_16;myBuildServerUser
See this article regarding this error.


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