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For some reason some controls/tags within ASP.NET do not always get rendered/passed to the client. 

This has happened to me on a number of occasions.  It seems limited to <style> and <script> tags - but happens for both raw HTML (within the aspx designer) and dynamically created tags (eg using new HtmlGenericControl("style")...).

This is happening to controls/tags within AJAX updatepanels within, webforms and usercontrols.

Sometimes I can work around this by simply placing these controls/tags some where else within the page structure.  But the most consistent way to get around this issue is to place a non-blanking space before the tag eg:


Another half-baked solution hit's the road ;-)


After some investigation, I have found a not-so-half-baked solution - for getting javascript loaded and run on a page during an AJAX postback... 

The solution is to not try and add a script tag by adding it to a control within the page - but rather use the ASP.NET AJAX ScriptManager class's RegisterStartupScript() method.  There are two overloads for this, one loads/registers the script and runs it just once (initial page load) and the other on each asynchronous postback (the latter suited my needs).


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