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Recently, I have been doing some work on setting up an app catalog on a SharePoint server. As with many other SharePoint related tasks, it seemed quite complicated at first, but quite easy once it was done and working. The whole process could be material for another blog post, but I wanted to write this blog post about one particular problem that I have ran across at several occasions, among others when I was going to set up the subscription service that was required for the app catalog.

As I am a Norwegian living in Norway, many of our customers choose to install the Norwegian version of SharePoint. This is actual a terrible idea, because it causes central admin to use Norwegian language, and there is no way to change it unless you want to dig around in the database. The reason this is so bad, is that all articles and how-to's on the web is usually in english, and the norwegian translation can sometimes be very artificial and hard to relate from the original expressions. Also, all error messages are given in norwegian, which makes it almost impossible to investigate. A much better idea would be to install the english version and then install the norwegian language pack. 

Anyway, this was a confusing factor in this particular problem.After setting up the subscription service application, I just needed to start it. But I could not find the "Manage services on server" in central admin: 

All I could find was the norwegian translation of "Manage servers in this farm", which seemed close enough, so I clicked the link, and got a list of services. The only thing was that I could not find the subscription service on the list. What I did not understand at that time was that this list only showed the running services, and I was actually on the wrong screen.

So where did my "manage services on server" go?

After a bright moment I realized I was on the wrong screen, and a quick web search revealed the answer: Even if you are farm admin, you still need to run internet explorer as administrator in order to show the services menu(!).

Even if I had the solution, there were still some hoops to jump through.

As I was running on a Win 2012 Datacenter, I pressed the start button and right-clicked the internet explorer icon, expecting to get a 'run as administrator' option, but it was not there.

What I actually had to do, was to choose "pin to taskbar" to make the IE icon appear on the taskbar.
Then I had to press SHIFT while right-clicking, to reveal the context menu I wanted:

When running as administrator and entering CA the link appeared in all its glory:

Maybe there is an easier way to do this, it seems unnecessary complicated to me, but at least it works.

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Duh! Just remembered that you can press start, search for "SharePoint", which will bring up central admin as one option, then right-click and select "Run as administrator".

Still, easy to forget whatever method you are using.
Left by Thorvald on Aug 21, 2014 8:25 PM

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