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Integrate 2014 was a tremendous event. The elements of this event will have a long-term impact in the integration community.

You can read about the event at several blogs and sites (this is by no means a complete list):

I want to talk a little about my takeaway—the reachable architecture that I see coming out of this event.

What do I mean by reachable architecture?

I believe that reachable architecture can be achieved with current architectural patterns and practices. It is not a paradigm shift, but a platform shift for the operating environment.

This pattern that I am talking about is how the Azure BizTalk Microservices are still the same general architectural components. The essence here is that the basic existing services inside of BizTalk are decomposed into equivalent microservice components, which could end up being significantly different at the end of the deconstruction. For instance, the BizTalk Engine has a number of services like Rules, Tracking, and Transformation. We have already seen this approach, but not as strongly decomposed in the BizTalk ESB that Brian Loesgen created.

What we see today is the ability to decompose BizTalk Server into the essential services that we all understood inside of BizTalk. Some of these services have been successful, and now what we get to do is pick those components as microservices.

I understand the components; they are the same internal components decomposed into smaller services, or, microservices. My architectural approach already included these services conceptually as individual components, but now I get to fire these up as granular microservices and use them as needed, or replace them with custom microservices.

I can still pick and choose the components, assemble them into discreet containers, and create a composite service of these components.

  • Data tracking
  • Persistent/durable messaging
  • Message context properties
  • Transformation
  • Transactional messaging
  • Adapters
  • Vertical market solutions
    • EDI (X12 and EDIFACT)
    • Healthcare (HIPAA and HL7)
    • Financial (SWIFT and FIX)
  • Heterogeneous integration
    • Database engines
    • LOB applications

Decomposing BizTalk Server makes sense to me, I see where this is going.

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