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This sort of thing drives me crazy! Admittedly I am a big Microsoft fan but...even with that properly balanced the lack of logic and understanding is astounding. Sure, Microsoft has botched things pretty nicely from time to time (remember Bob? Visual Basic for DOS?) but for the most part those of us who make a living working in the IT space owe said living (at least in some small part) to Microsoft.


Think about it...every BSOD that ever occurs gets blamed on Windows. In the end, an overwhelming percentage of those problems come from badly written device drivers. Problems with your USB device? Maybe it is because your vendor doesn't properly identify their devices. It would do everyone well to read some of Raymond Chen's articles. It is truly fascinating to hear how many times Microsoft tried to "do the right thing" and tighten up the OS...only to have that move stymied by large vendors with sloppy programs.


If you have ever written a commercial application, you can empathize in some small scale.


Now, if I could just get my DOS 3.0 application that needs to load a bunch of drivers into high memory to work properly in a command window on XP...

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