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I have noticed an odd phenomenon in Corporate America...I call it the 'Homer Factor'. Expectations for performance are consistently downgraded in order to compensate for the lowest performing members on the team. It is absolutely maddening to me! You try to build a great team and have that team become highly productive. Then, just about the time you are making progress, management steps in and lowers the bar in order for Homer to crawl across. Has anyone else seen this? How do you address it?

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Homers are everywhere, Homers are necessary, everyone is a Homer in some area or other... BUT I agree with you, downgrading expectations is exactly the wrong way to go. Homers need to be lifted up to an acceptable level (this is where the human part of corporate "life long learning" speak would actually come in), Homer's weaknesses should be addressed, and his strengths fostered.

But the way you mentioned it is clearly the easier route, I suspect one taken by people who don't really care about it as soon as they leave the office.
Left by Phil on May 25, 2005 9:10 PM

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