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Moving my personal site to Azure Web sites

For several years I have maintained a personal web site, mainly to share photo’s and news with friends and family, run a “bragging rights” football pool, and to play with asp.net.  Most of the time it was hosted on a aging laptop in my basement.  Biggest advantage, free and complete control.  Lots of disadvantages.  No scaling (not a real problem, the 10 people that logged in and out really never strained the laptop), no UPS, so if I took a power hit, it was down. 

So, in keeping with the cloud, I decided to move it to the new Azure Sites.  Seems like the thing to do, and since MSFT is kind enough to give me some time as a Azure Insider, it would make good use of it.

First, I moved by DB.  My database was originally hosted on a sql vm inside my house.  And it was 2 separate databases, one for the site, one for asp.net membership.  I combined the databases, moved my huge user list (10 people) and then migrated the db to SQL Azure.  went very smoothly, thanks to the sql migration wizard on codeplex.   I took a quick look around, and all the data made the migration.

Next, I repointed all my connection strings to the SQL Azure db in my local site.  I then ran the site and did a quick smoke test on the site running in VS while bouncing against SQL Azure.  Once again, all is well. 

Went out, created the web site from the “quick” template, published the site to the xxx.azurewebsites.net domain I created, and tested.  Man, this is too easy.

Repointed my DNS and tried it.  Fail.  Dug in and found out that I had to promote the site to “reserved” to get anything other than the xxx.azurewebsites.net domain to respond.  Did that, added the host name on the configuration page, and we are back to testing.  And, it worked.  To easy. 

I cranked up the scale factor a bit.  I now have a migrated a site from my aging, wheezing laptop, to a monster DC in the sky. 


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You have this talent in writing that really captivates my senses. Good job! :) 8/10/2012 1:49 AM | Just click here

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Curious as to what this will cost, I can't see getting under $40 with full feature set and the open ended nature of some of the charges make me leery. 10/28/2012 1:50 PM | Gill Bates

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Now you have to pay more. 3/20/2013 11:17 AM | The Engineer