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May 08

Well, you be the judge - 39098 days to burn a dvd



The Ninja

Chris Peitschmann has posted an exelent blog on calculating the distance between two geocodes using javascript.

The Ninija

Well, the un-imaginable has happened to me (or my workstation for that matter) very late on Saturday morning (about 3am). While testing a new web application, I noticed IE was playing up, so I fired up FireFox and tried again - to the same result. My computer kept lagging and crashing all browsers, then the apps started to crash until.................... ......

I was just thinking about what drives me while coding, coffee? - no. The way/pace of my coding is determined by what music I am listening to. Today I realised that the best music IMHO is techno, and banging techno at that! Repetitive, yes, but so is coding With every key stroke theres a kick drum, and it sends me into a coding trance making me oblivious ......

I have just had the requirement to calculate the distance between 2 locations for a client project. At first I was going down the route of rolling my own within the C# domain model and then I found this amazing piece of code in the form of an SQL function (sql server 2000/20005) courtesy of Troy DeMonbreun

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