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Justin a.k.a. The Code Monkey Code Monkey [kohd muhng'-kee] n : 1. Creature known for it's ability to transform caffeine into code. 2. Justin Jones April 2013 Entries
The Hero’s Journey, Originality, and Other Musings
<metaBlogging> This post isn’t about code, but I’m rolling with it anyway. Feel free to skip to the next code related post. Nobody said every post had to be tech related. Did they? </metaBlogging> I was having an interesting conversation with my son tonight. Somehow we started on art and meandered over in to the subject of story patterns. I was encouraging him to write, and making sure that he wasn’t holding himself to unrealistic standards of thinking he was going to write a masterpiece ......

Posted On Monday, April 8, 2013 12:14 AM

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