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Just got back from the 2009 MVP Summit in Seattle Washington, and there is only one word to describe it....FANTASTIC! Microsoft did a wonderful job of moving from presentations and Q&A sessions into truely interactive sessions with some pretty deep discussions on emerging products and technologies.

The material at the summit is all covered by NDA, and I will leave it to others to differentiate the topics which can be publicly discussed. As I find great technical posts, I will post them as links to the bottom of this item.

One new feature was a series of "Side Sessions", including the MVP2MVP Sessions, where  MVP's volunteered and were approximately 20 were selected to give presentations on topics which were of particular interest. I was honored to be the first presenter on Sunday morning at this session (and because of a quirk in the timing, believe I was actaully the first presenter at the entire summit!).

My presentation was "A quick peek at SmartData Application Architecture" which covered (very briefly) some of the highlights of an architectural pattern which my firm, Dynamic Concepts Development Corporation, has used internally for nearly 15 years. The architecture is focused on the needs of systems which have complex or dynamic relationships between various components that are difficult to implement using the more common "linear" application models. Typical systems include: Industrial Automation, System Modeling, and Huerestic Systems (including AI).

As part of our 2008 "Open Architecture Initiative", we decided to make freely available various white papers and design guidlines for implementing this architecture. We are also in the process of developing a community edition which will be hosted on CodePlex (it is currently in the "pre-publish" state. Interrested parties may contact me directly to become part of the team. Finally we are migrating our internal corporate version into a full featured commercial product that will be for sale by the 2nd quarter of this year.

A final suprise occured near the end of the summit, when I was contacted by a major newspaper to be interviewed regarding the MVP program and the summit in particular. I have been asked to keep the name of the publication confidental until the materual is published (anticipated on 16-Mar-2009).

In closing, I would like to extend a big thanks to all of the Microsoft employees (including Fellows, Product Managers, Architects, and Team Leads) who made themselves available, and really took thye time to listen to MVP's real world concerns, and provide detailed information on upcoming releases. To all the MVP's I got to meet (or see again), a big wave; and I am sure we will be in touch over the coming year.






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