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khathu Ndouvhada Chronicles of a C# noob
May 08
I am currently building a reporting page for the finance department at work. I have been struggling with one of the web forms, I am able to make effective changes to the form from the Designer View , the Code View has been giving me strange vibes. When ever I edit the code, it looses its formating, the color coding vanishes. The only thing that stays ......

In 2004 I discovered Visual Studio 2003 and the WebMatrix tool. Having avoided Classic ASP in the days of VB6, I could not wait to sink my fingers into the new tool. I found the IDE to be quite daunting at first but quickly brought myself to speed. At about the same time, Photoshop also crashed landed into my newbie life. I found myself stuck between ......

Apr 08
Hello World! In 2000 I was a freshman at the most beautiful university campus in the world, UCT (The University of Cape Town). I was fresh out of school and extremely naive. Strange as it maybe, I had a crush on Hydraulics from a young age, this got me into all sorts of compromising situations. When I got to varsity, IT was all over. The South African ......

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