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So the company I contract with made me a deal beginning of last year when I was about to run out of COBRA. They agreed to pay me hourly with an hourly rate reduced by the actual cost of the benefits they were offering me with the understanding that when the job ran out, as with any contract, I'd be gone.


This was an outstanding offer, because it meant I could still work from home, still work with the same team, on the same software, and I'd have benefits. As a bonus, I actually ended up with PTO, a very aggressive 401K, and Health Care benefits... kudos to them!


Here we are halfway through the next year and for business/monetary reasons, we're switching healthcare halfway through a year. Since my wife had total knee replacement surgery on one side in the spring, I had my total in-plan deductibles covered and was basking in seeing $0.00 come up on the register at Target.

I have a script that is $110 normally and about $30 with deductibles covered... who knows why that doesn't fall under the $0.00 category :(

Anyway... I faxed the final EOB to Aetna 17 days ago, and Target is still wanting $110 for that one script... so I had to chase it down.

Turns out that the FAX got there just fine but was 'unreadable'.


Thanks so much Aetna for not sending me an email about this... you obviously had my email address, I saw it when I logged in this morning.

I hate it when people just work for a paycheck and don't give a crap... I guess all the shoe sales jobs were filled, so whoever it is that's watching the FAX machine had to go 'work' for Aetna.

If you wanted a more exciting/interesting job, maybe you should have spent some time in school to learn something other than band names and how to stay in contact with all your 'friends' on Facebook.

So... I'm putting Aetna's number on speed dial and I'm going to be the customer they hate until this gets resolved... I'm going to call them every couple hours... my little way of showing them how to stay in touch...

After my first phone call

I called, started talking about healthcare and she said she'd have to forward me, and clicked off. Next thing I hear is a modem.... so she switched me to the FAX number... so I don't feel at all bad about the slam about working for a shoe store above...

 I called back, got someone that could at least look into this, and they have the FAX, but it takes 2 days to get it into the system! I questioned that and was told "You're not the only one sending information". I asked if I shouldn't get bumped up in the process since the first FAX was 17 days ago... but that fell on deaf ears.

She said she'd contact me when it gets posted... probably next Tuesday... so that would be day 22 from the first one, and meanwhile, I'm paying prime rates for scripts.

Gotta love health insurance companies...

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