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Spent some time getting my butt kicked by SQLServer2008 R2. I had SQLServer2005 on there and never did really care for the install I had going on that, and I have to believe that’s what part of my problem was because I could not connect to anything useful with the new install.

After a failed attempt at a repair, I finally said screwitall and unistalled both, and reinstalled SQLServer2008 R2. Then I could connect in the manner I thought I should

So I got the AdventureWare database installed and the one from Chapter 2 of Julia Lerman’s EF book installed and I can see both.. and was able to proceed… geez…

I realized I didn’t have the latest version of Blend onboard… oh be quiet… the one I had worked fine the little I had time to be in it! So that all had to come off and the new go on… if I’d have known I was going to be doing this, I could have prepared ahead of time :)

Some more emails for potential work… some contract, some not… nothing in-my-face positive as of yet, I’m thinking with the holiday weekend coming up things are a little slow … yeah that’s it…

More plusses

  • NSFW lyrics, pictures, or email does not apply because I’m NOT at *W*
  • Twitter, IM, personal email all open – no net nanny software running to watch/hamper what I do, so contact away… I’m here :)

More Minuses

  • Had to send the $850 for COBRA today… I only hope the paperwork they have to do is annoying to them :)
  • This one’s bad – had to look at the calendar on my PC to make sure it was really Thursday :(
  • Wondering if this goes real long if I’ll keep up the daily… it could get old, we’ll see

So Far

I did 6.5 units of training yesterday: 2 Entity Frameworks, 3 Silverlight, and 1-1/2 Blend, not even taking into account the uninstall/install-arama and sending out emails

Plus I pushed SilverlightCream #939

I checked the wp7dev list at SilverlightCream, and there are now 324 posts tagged out there… that’s a lot of material, and very few have hardware yet… a prolific bunch!

Well, back to training and checking email…

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