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I had to run an errand the morning of Day 1 and returned to find the FedEx paperwork from Minerva.

My benefits ended August 31. I don’t believe I’ve ever worked anywhere that benefits ended the day of… but it also included the COBRA papers and that’s gonna run roughly $850/month starting *now* … a big bite into the reserves to try to extend the money.

Conversation with the HR lady was strained… she was really glad to get off the phone, guess maybe they *do* read my blog – I hope so!

Got an unexpected and pleasant email from a remote dev associate offering me a bit of contract money to help do some test code and documentation… woot… real work, not demo work during training or reading.

And a second unexpected and pleasant phone call from another dev associate wanting to throw some work my way… you guys are going to drag me into this whole contract work thing aren’t you?? … at this point, that all looks great to me and “keep the cards and letters coming in”.

Two more queries responded to, and lots more twitter posts… hope possible employers aren’t believing all the hype in the posts, but I really appreciate all the messages, thanks everyone!

Still making sure my phone is working and checking email…

More Plusses

  • No problem signing up for the local EF event (with Rob Bagby!) during the afternoon of the 15th – hey look, I’m off that afternoon anyway!… well, if I’m not, that would be cool too :)

More Minuses

  • A 3-day weekend doesn’t mean a lot when you’ve had 4-1/2 days of not working leading up to it

So Far

5 units of training yesterday: 2 more UnitTest, 2 Lightswitch, 1 Silverlight, and installed SQLServer2008R2 to get the database setup for Ch2 of Julia Lerman’s EF book.

11 units of training in 2-1/2 days… it’s getting there.

Plus I pushed SC #938, and hit 10,000 entries on my tagged links at


Back to training and checking email…

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