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I’ve worked at the same client for 5 years. I’ve had a really good relationship with the two managers I interface with regularly. Unfortunately, during this ‘dial-down’ situation we’re in, I find myself around the edges of a manager that within days of my arrival in 2005 proved to be someone I had no respect for.

Unless my company pulls a rabbit out of a hat, Friday will probably be my last day, and I can already see the writing on the wall.

His right-hand ‘man’ mandated that the company PC in my cubicle will be transferred to it’s Monday destination on Wednesday of this week. It’s quieter where I sit, and out of the traffic area associated with his folks, and makes no sense. I’m told that having it over there will ‘ensure that nothing is broken before I leave on Friday’ … in other words somehow having me and the PC over there will make sure I don’t tank the software.

They’re also pushing pretty hard on one of the people replacing me to get the code into their  version control system ASAP.

There’s some things that just rub me the wrong way and making assumptions that I will do something unprofessional is one.

I’m also expecting a ‘surprise’ perp-walk out of the building shortly after lunch on Friday rather than wait until quitting time.

When shit like this happens, I always assume that the guy mandating it assumes everyone is just like him.

So I’m going in early tomorrow, and when he and his right-hand man show up, I’m going to suggest we just start the dance then…

What a place…

Posted on Monday, August 23, 2010 7:29 PM General , Rants | Back to top

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Good luck... I can't imagine working in a place that does something like that....
Left by MarkPearl on Aug 23, 2010 9:24 PM

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Thanks Mark...

We'll see. It's hard to stay professional with someone like hung around your neck.
Left by Dave on Aug 24, 2010 5:44 AM

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