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Thanks for the comments. Here is a more complete listing of information types that is extensive but not exhaustive.

Disposable information: Installation information such as wizard text, liner notes in a CD Jacket, and temporary information (passwords). Product Notes to tell the customer what is new in a version of the software. Getting Started, which is information in a small document (~20 pages) to familiarize someone with the product (in-depth information available elsewhere), or a high-level tool tour (which can be text or multimedia).

Reference and Quick Help: Road map that provides all-points access to the information set (that is, an index of sorts); information accessed from the Help menu and Help buttons. Web Information such as frequently asked questions (FAQs), knowledge database (user communities), known problems and workarounds; in addition to the rest of the information set available online. Reference Help such as procedures, command information, examples, descriptions, summaries, and glossaries.

Competence training: Tutorials that show an example use of the product from start to finish, or provide an online, interactive way to learn how to use the tool. User guides provide in-depth information about using the tool including complex reference information. Methodology guides provide tool-neutral introductions to new technologies. Flow documents describe "zero-to-goal" paths for using the software. They can also provide tool-to-tool migration of data for projects that require more than one tool to generate a product. Best Practices describe recommended uses of a tool. Expert papers also can describe specific successful uses of a tool.

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