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I have to admit that when I heard there was a keynote this morning, I was somewhat taken about. The very notion seems to be antithetical to the notion of Open Spaces. On the other hand, getting the chance to hear Ward Cunningham speak was well worth the "architectural purity" of the organizational principles.

Intro (Alan Stevens) referred to Channel 9 video with Ward Cunningham being interviewed by Scoble

WC: "the only thing I'm sure of is that [the future] will involve cloud computing" == "self-organizing" wiki based on the notion of "list keepers"; has an "about page" for each domain on the internet

The swim system for use case visualization

  • used by Eclipse Foundation to manage contributions to Eclipse
  • basically organizes use cases into "swim lanes" (analogous to life span of UML sequence diagram objects)
  • built a test runner based on a DSL to translate swim lane items into tests
  • since a DSL backs a visual system, business people can understand it, and have relevant discussions about the business
  • test results also include an index back into the source code
  • application uses test outputs as end user documentation; "explorer" allows the user to see all use cases related to a particular action (e.g. button click)
  • swim lane diagram allows you to run the automated testing to a particular step in the code then "go live" for detailed stepthroughs

In lieu of a Q&A session, a fishbowl to design "nSwim" or "Visual Swim" (ended up being a Q&A session anyhow)

  • since the sequence is time-sensitive, all time requests go through a stored procedure that was capable of "advancing" the database clock by modifying the returned time
  • no concurrency testing
  • how is this different than FIT?
    • very similar but instead of parsing HTML to determine the system stimulus, it gets put into a text file
    • with FIT, there isn't a good system to make HTML painless
  • proposed modules: parser, test executer, rendering engine
  • current implementation uses php eval command; some security concerns there
  • ironic revelation: no unit testing on swim lane testing framework
  • consider using dynamic languages (like IronRuby) as a DSL
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