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Recently my blog post ‘Leveraging the cloud for Performance Testing’ got featured in the ALM Mag Vol. 1 Issue 1 – January 2013.


Figure 1 – Visual Studio Load Testing using Windows Azure – featured in ALM Mag Vol. 1 Issue 1 – Jan 2013

Download the full article from here.

What is ALM Mag?

In case you haven’t come across ALM Magazine, it is an eMagazine for ALM, DevOps, Lifecycle Processes, TFS, Testing, Configuration Management and Deployment.


Figure 2 – What is ALM Mag, find out more at

ALM Mag will feature articles from the best and the brightest in the industry who will share their knowledge expertise and experiences. This knowledge will come in the form of: Whitepapers, Study results, Blog, How To, Step-by-Step and Top Tip articles. The contributors will provide Reviews of Primary Tools and Third Party Integrated or Bridging Tools as new versions are released. They will also provide reviews of relevant Books and community related Events.

Periodically, ALM Mag will invite you to participate in Surveys to learn your areas of community participation so we might address those interests and also importantly, to help gauge how the magazine is doing at covering what you want to see.

Several times each year the magazine will feature industry leaders and evangelists from the ALM, DevOps, Agile, TFS and Testing community, on the cover accompanying an interview inside the issue.

Magazines in an electronic format afford several advantages, allowing the embedding of links to streaming video and audio such as recorded Webinars and Podcasts along with video seminars or Courseware, Tutorials and Training. ALM Mag will also provide a Calendar and information about upcoming Events and a valuable Resource section.

Lastly, as we all need a little humour once in a while… ALM Mag will feature IT Humour and Cartoons to give a moment of levity.

This content will be provided by different contributors in each issue. ALM Mag may break and present larger bodies of work as parts over several issues but the general intent is not to have regular columns. The intent is always to keep each issue new, fresh, valuable and relevant.

Who is running the show?

A shout out to Keith Denham who has conceptualized => created the ALM Magazine. The advisory board includes some leading personalities in the ALM space.


Figure 3 – ALM Mag Advisory Panel

Do you want to contribute or receive?

  • If you are interested in contributing to the ALM magazine, follow the guidelines and submission process here.
  • ALM Mag is currently offering a discounted annual subscription, I would encourage you to take advantage and enrol here.

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