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You just set up the test rig and are about to fire a test off from your shiny new test rig and get hit with the following error message…

Microsoft Visual Studio
Failed to load results from the load test results store.The load test results repository was created with a previous version and is not compatible. You can either upgrade this repository using the SQL script UpgradeLoadTestResultsRepository.sql found in the Visual Studio installation, or create a new repository from a controller using TestControllerConfigUI.exe.

You run into this error message if you click on the “manage test controllers” dialogue or “open and manage test results” dialogue.


The Test controller is not referencing the LoadTest2010 database created as part of the test controller configuration or the schema of the LoadTest2010 database which is created by default has been fiddled with.


The error gives you a part of the fix… You need to either upgrade the load test database using the sql script found in UpgradeLoadTestResultRepository.sql or create a new Load Test database by using the TestControllerConfigUI.exe

The steps on how this can be done are found here, 


Posted on Saturday, July 21, 2012 8:27 AM SDET , Load Testing | Back to top

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