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I have been off the circuit for over a month now for guys wondering if I have fallen off the planet, I was getting married! Indian Weddings are grand and the festivities start months in advance while the hang over carries on for weeks after. The Weddings in India are about bringing together friends & family, fun times with a lot of dance & music, spicy curries & royal beverages, blending of rituals, and a lot of culture.

Annu Weds Tarun

Before the wedding… 8, 9, 10 Feb 2012

A lot covered in 3 days, felt like running a marathon with rituals of purification, Mehndi, Hawan, … , Cocktail and finally getting engaged on the 10th of Feb 2012.

                          * Rituals *                                                             * & more rituals *                                                 * 10th Feb 2012 *

IMG_6794  IMG_6824 _MG_9435 

The Big Day – 11th Feb 2012

                     *All Set*                                                         **The Horse Ride**                                                                             *** The Wedding Vows***

 DSC_0147   DSC_0215  DSC_1011

Honeymoon in Paradise – Maldives | Soneva Gili |14th-19th Feb 2012

No Shoes… No News => Soneva Gili By Six Senses

                 * Over Water Villas *                                                * No Shoes/ No News *                                                * While Snorkelling *

 IMG_8384 IMG_7938    IMG_8391

My elder brother Amit Arora who knows everything there is to know about hotels, destinations and travel surprised us by booking us the perfect vacation @ the paradise island. For our honeymoon we wanted to travel to a destination where we could relax, yet be thrilled and occasionally surprised, where we were at the heart of nature but not too far from the lap of luxury! Soneva Gili proved to be just that “perfect” destination where our expectations were exceeded in all six senses.

             * The Wine Cellar *                                                 * Exploring the Island *                                            * The Palm Island *

IMG_7277 IMG_8277 IMG_8483

In our 6 day stay in the sumptuous over-water villa on the island we were pampered and looked after faultlessly. Though every experience & activity offered at Soneva Gili was unique our personal favourite were the so very romantic sun set sail in the traditional dhoni and the romantic theme dinner on the palm island.

                          * Dhoni *                                                            * Nature a real Mix! *                                               * Baby Shark *

IMG_7479 IMG_8538 IMG_8550

Our Mr Friday Ahmed made anything & everything possible, even on the day when the dolphins weren’t ready to show up he managed to get some dancing dolphins to pop out of the Indian ocean during the dolphin cruise. Hari our chef spoiled us for choice personalising every course, every meal, every day. Firdhaus in charge of room service provided in-despicable service. Iain (General Manager) & Alex (Resort Manager) managed everything to perfection. Just like any one else we were looking for the perfect holiday and the least I can say is we have been delighted in every possible way. I would highly recommend Soneva Gili to anyone looking for a memorable vacation. More Details, reviews, photos, … 

                    * Great Hosts - Alex & Ian *                                  * Fun In The Sand! *                                             * Beautiful Sun Set *

IMG_8490 IMG_8552 IMG_8622


I must have time travelled, it is still cold and wet here in London! Unfortunately all good things come to an end. Vacation is finally over and trust me it still feels awkward wearing shoes. But as they say C’est La Vie!


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Congratulation Tarun, :-)
Left by M.Radwan on Mar 04, 2012 12:48 AM

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Thanks a lot Mohamed!

Cheers, Tarun
Left by Tarun Arora on Mar 16, 2012 9:39 AM

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