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Found this cool Photo-sharing software today.

Its called PixPo and its free. and if that isn't saying much its pretty cool for sharing as well. You can share your albums over P2P or via email.

Their site is and they have a version of the software for video sharing as well. The downside of this product is that it isnt a really good photo organizer, but its good for sharing. From the products perspective it would have been great if they had the option to publish photos as well.

This is one area where Picasa falls short. I mean Picasa is an excellent photo album software but it lacks in the sharing capability. And I don't really don't want to publish photos to a blogger account.

Microsoft’s offering? Microsoft Digital Image Suite still lacks P2P photo sharing (at least from what I have seen of the demos), and besides its 49 bucks, and for what it offers I can make do with Picasa and PixPo, unless of course there is another product out there that combines what these 2 do. That would be great.

And if I want to pay for it. think less than 20 bucks. I mean I have Photoshop and Fireworks so I don't need all of that photo tuning and editing, I just want a good organizer (which Picasa does and is free <– yes magic words “free”) and P2P photo sharing software (which PixPo is and is free, yeah those magic words again). Any budding entrepreneur out there this is a good budding idea for you.

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Have you used Google "Hello"; its an add-on for Picassa that does photo sharing. Very cool as you can watch slide-shows together.
Left by Brant on Feb 06, 2006 6:45 PM

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I like photo of space
Left by Negoitescu Dorian on Feb 19, 2006 3:28 AM

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