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Tangible Thoughts SharePoint, MOSS? and all the other questions

Cnet has an interview with Ray Ozzie, regarding how he will be involved with Microsoft.

I think Groove's acquisition by Microsoft will be a great thing (heck it was bound to happen anyway). I've played around with groove about a couple of years back, and I liked what I saw.

Anyways in a previous post of mine about Moon Edit I hinted at how real-time interactive collaboration was lacking in the office system (SharePoint namely). This is where I feel the P2P technology behind groove can really plug-in. I want the ability for when multiple people open a document off a sharepoint document workspace they can assume roles (e.g. Author, Reviewer) with a very active realtime commenting system (mind you this is in the office application itself). Or they could all be authors and chip in to build the document faster.

Groove can also naturually play a big part in SharePoint Meeting Workspaces. Meeting workspaces are awesome as they are, but imagine coupling them with the technology in Groove. It can power distributed meetings much more ideally, for instance a ppt on a document library on a Meeting Workspace. Opening that out by parties attending the meeting will bring about a P2P style slide show with real time annotation etc. Wont that be cool.

Microsoft, if you hear me, thats where I'd like SharePoint and the Office Sytem to go.

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This is an open memo to Ray Ozzie:

This open memo reflects only my own personal views and does not necessarily represent the position of any organization. I wish to report a Quality of Service issue that seems to be inherent in the design of Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. When I receive an e-mail containing an enclosure, I frequently wish to download that enclosure to a specific folder, perhaps four or five levels down on my hard drive, so that it's filed in a place where I can find it later. When I right click on an enclosure, and then press "Save As", I get a "Save Attachment" dialog box that is intended to allow me to navigate to the folder in which I wish to save the file, revise the file name, and then click "Save" to download the file to the desired folder with the desired name. However, frequently, when I am in the process of navigating to the correct folder to save the file, Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 hangs up for anywhere from ten seconds to two minutes trying to retrieve data from the Microsoft Exchange server. This is silly. There is no way that process of my navigating to a folder in which to save a file should depend on communication with the e-mail server. Once I have navigated to the correct folder, revised the file title, and pressed the "Save" button, I can understand that the time required to actually download the file would depend upon communication between my computer and the e-mail server. But to have the process of navigating to the correct folder hung waiting for Outlook trying to retrieve data from an e-mail server is a silly waste of time and unnecessarily reduces my productivity.

Robert Rains
Left by Robert Rains on Jun 17, 2006 10:44 AM

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