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Tangible Thoughts SharePoint, MOSS? and all the other questions

Maurice shares some thoughts on what most probably might be with the next Version of SharePoint. He also mentions vaguely the nuance of developing and deploying WebParts.

The fact is SharePoint v Next will built on the next version of

I am sure that most of you would agree that WSS is today what it is because of The move up from SPS 2001 or STS to SharePoint 2003 was phenomenal. All that productivity capabilities just opened up with the 2003 versions. I suspect that we can look forward to similar revolutions that might cascade from 2.0 in the newer versions of SharePoint. But where I suspect the biggest productivity boost would be is in creating and deploying WebParts themselves. It’s taken almost 4 years for the WebPart technology which was present in the initial version of SharePoint to bubble up to The WebParts that were present in SharePoint 2001 were IMO just terrible, they were based on vbscript, javascript, xmlhttp etc and a pain to write but nevertheless they did what WebParts still do, they provided a concept in which you could write your component and plug it into a page at runtime. It took SharePoint 2003 to really demonstrate the power of this concept. The fact that SharePoint 2003 was more or less based on was just a multiplier of this concepts potential I guess. But when the WebPart concept hits mainstream with 2.0 we WebPart developers are going to benefit from tools that will come in VS.NET for WebPart development. And I am sure as always it will still be the SharePoint team that will take the concept yet on to another level.

And Maurice, just fyi, blogs are good, but an MSDN article would be better, specially if its some newbie looking for information on SharePoint. Basically a blogs mean that information is scattered, and has to be hunted down. Even though Google does a good job at what it does, it still might not be enough. I’ve run into my fair share of Google searches that have resulted in me going to a blog’s main page and not the article it was referring to, and ultimately sometimes you have to end surfing the blog archives to find the post that you wanted.

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