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Its finally here, the long awaited PC games for 2004 are out

  1. Half Life 2 can be purchased at (
  2. and Need For Speed : Underground 2 (along with the new snoop dog single)

Currently playing Doom 3, actually got my hands on Doom 3 last weekend, and I don’t think I will be playing it for long. In my opinion Doom 3 totally lives up to the standard of the original Doom games, which basically boils down to kill almost everything that moves. And that’s the biggest problem for me, after playing and totally enjoying the Farcry experience, Doom 3 isn’t that gripping. The excitement is lacking, the story (if there is one) doesn’t compel you to keep playing the game. Maneuverability is less than Farcry, the enemy AI is stand up and fight face to face, not as challenging as the ‘stalking your prey’ approach of Farcy. Anyways hope Half Life 2 would be better.

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