Silverlight Firestarter Today!! Local viewing event in Research Triangle Park!

What is the Silverlight Firestarter is all about?

It is a one day, global, live streamed and on demand event keynoted by Scott Guthrie. It begins at 9am Pacific time. Yes, that noon for us east coasters here in the U.S.

It provides new self-paced labs and walk through videos.

It is interactive and you can ask the Silverlight product team questions during the event.

To me the really interesting part is going to be the opening keynote by Scott Guthrie.

Keynote : The Future of Silverlight

Be first to hear the official news about what’s coming up next for Silverlight from Scott Guthrie, Microsoft Corporate Vice President.

FYI… If you’re in the Research Triangle area and want to watch we some fellow nerds, we’re hosting a Firestarter viewing event this afternoon.

The Future of Silverlight Starts Now!
Come join Microsoft Regional Developer Jim Duffy and Microsoft MVP Rob Zelt as they host this free community event .

Thursday afternoon, December 2nd noon-5pm
Come interact with other local .NET developers and share your thoughts as we watch what Microsoft bigshots Scott Guthrie, Jesse Liberty, Yavor Georgiev, Dan Wahlin, John Papa, Tim Heuer, Mike Cook & Jossef Goldberg, Jaime Rodriguez present on the future of Silverlight.
For more info about the LIVE Streaming event please visit the Silverlight Firestarter site...

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