The Silverlight 4 Training Kit and Green Eggs & Ham

Microsoft has released the Silverlight 4 Training Kit that steps you through the process of constructing Silverlight 4 business applications.

“The Silverlight 4 Training Course includes a whitepaper explaining all of the new Silverlight 4 features, several hands-on-labs that explain the features, and a 8 unit course for building business applications with Silverlight 4. The business applications course includes 8 modules with extensive hands on labs as well as 25 accompanying videos that walk you through key aspects of building a business application with Silverlight. Key aspects in this course are working with numerous sandboxed and elevated out of browser features, the new RichTextBox control, implicit styling, webcam, drag and drop, multi touch, validation, authentication, MEF, WCF RIA Services, right mouse click, and much more!”

What I think is pretty cool is that there are two ways to access this content, online and offline. Obviously the online version is great when you’re sitting at your desk and you’re connected to the web. What about when you don’t have a connection like when you’re located where you won’t eat green eggs & ham, like on a train or on plane perhaps? :-) You can download the offline version and hope that Sam I Am won’t be to distracting while you try to watch the videos or work your way through the labs. :-)

Have a day. :-|

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