November 2009 Entries
Dynamically Launching A WinForm Via Object Factory Article

Woo hoo!! My article on dynamically creating and launching a WinForm object has made it’s way to the MSDN VB DevCenter. I’d be a slacker if I didn’t give props to Rod Paddock for all his help with the code in the article.



This article focuses on answering a simple yet not-so-easy to answer question. “How do instantiate an object when the class I want to instantiate is determined at runtime, not compile time?” If you’re wondering why you would want to do that in the first place, this article provides a simple real world reason why as well.

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The Future: Web or Windows Client Development, your thoughts?

A question I have for you is with all the focus on web or cloud-based applications (Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC, Azure, etc.) is there still a vibrant future out there for Windows Client desktop applications? Will Windows 7 do much to swing the focus back to desktop applications? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying desktop based application development is dead, it’s not by a long shot. With development tools like WPF and ClickOnce deployment desktop applications still rock. I’m just saying that it appears that the pendulum has definitely swung to the web-based side of the software development grandfather clock and I’m not sure it’ll ever swing back to the other side.

Most of the development we’re doing these days is on web-based applications. I don’t really see that changing anytime soon. With the maturity of RIA platforms like Silverlight the advantage that desktop applications traditionally held in the user experience department has been slipping for a while now.

So what percent of the work you’re doing is on desktop applications? What percent is on web-based applications? What is the percentage of web vs desktop for new applications in your organization?

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Six Reasons Why Windows 7 Will Win in Business

I came across this PC Mag article and figured I’d share it with you. My primary reason for doing so is to provide additional ammunition to those developers out there who want to upgrade to Windows 7 but management is hesitant to do so. I’ll leave reading the article to you but here are the six reasons stated in the article.

1. Windows XP

2. Stability and Compatibility

3. Aging Hardware

4. Vista: A 3-Year Beta Test

5. Smaller, More Agile Companies

6. Business Demand

To me the most significant item is number 4. I’ve often kidded around with attendees in our training classes, or developers attending my user group, code camp, or conference presentations that I was running a very early beta of Windows 7 called Windows Vista. While I was kidding around of course, I couldn’t have been any more accurate. I believe it took the hammering Vista received in the press for Windows 7 to be the overwhelming success I think it is going to be. Check out the article and let me know what other factors you think will help drive Windows 7’s success.

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Sample .NET RIA Services Application Available

During my Building Line of Business Applications with Silverlight 3 presentation I walk through the creation of a sample application. The complete code for that sample application is available for download on the TakeNote Technologies website. Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and you’ll find the Presentations section.

If you have any trouble getting it running please let me know.

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.NET RIA Services Community Website Now Online!

The crew over at Microsoft have been working on putting together a RIA Services Community site where everyone can contribute resources and engage in discussions about .NET RIA Services.  It’s live now and ready for you to check out. You’ll find downloads, overview documentation, blog post references, and other resources.

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One Question Silverlight Poll – Let your voice be heard!

Here’s your chance to let Microsoft know what’s important to you when it comes to Silverlight tweets and blog posts. What information are you interested in? What’s more important, information on getting started or what was just released? Deep dive information or what’s coming?  Jump on this simple survey and let your voice be heard.

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