CSS Designed for Readability or Excuses Not to Comment Your Code

I saw a link to this article (5 Rules To Write More Readable CSS Files) on Twitter this morning, checked it out, and felt the need to share, so here I am sharing. :-)

It also reminded me of a funny full-page ad I tore out of a programming magazine many years ago that listed excuses for not commenting your programming code. I think the ad was for an COBOL comments generator or some type of utility like that. I’m sure I kept that magazine page and have it somewhere around here but where it is today is escapes me. Anyway, I’ve remembered some of the excuses. While I’m sure I haven’t got these word-for-word correct, you’ll get the gist. Anybody else remember seeing the ad in question?

Excuses Used to Avoid Commenting Code

1) I’ll be on this project forever, I promise. I won’t grow tired of it, I won’t wish I was working on something else, or decide to go find a better paying job. I promise.

2) I’ll add comments after we get the project completed and into production.

3) Comments are for sissies and wussies.

4) Don’t worry, its my code so I’m sure I'll remember exactly what it does and the reasons why I wrote it the way I did.

5) Once this project is complete this code won’t ever need to be changed.

6) Management pays me to write code, not comments.

And lastly my favorite:

7) My code is so intuitively crafted and self-documenting that anyone having trouble understanding it might want to consider another line of work.

Wow, that last one almost applies to my code… almost. :-)

Do you have any others to add to the list? Have you ever gotten out of commenting code by using any of these??

Have a day. :-|

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