January 2009 Entries
My Computer Industry Predictions for 2009

Unwrapping my new Wolves wall calendar I realized its time to do some prognosticating. I've blown the dust off my Nostradamus predictions book, taken some fresh tea leaves and smeared them all over my cracked crystal ball (it rolled off my desk last March and I haven't taken the time to get a replacement) and I'm ready to peer deep into the future... Oh yeah, don't hold me to these. :-)

Google Acquires IKEA: Google figures the best approach to gaining ground on the computer desktop is to buy the company that makes computer desks. Seems logical.

Advertising Prediction: PC finally snaps under the pressure and ridicule from that pesky and trendy Mac guy. He takes the witness stand during the murder trial wearing a t-shirt with a penguin on it. When asked if he did it he says "I'm NOT a PC." Jury doesn't buy it and convicts him thus finally ending the PC vs Mac advertising campaign. Microsoft stock jumps 13%.

Microsoft Acquisition Prediction: Microsoft somehow ends up with a piece of Yahoo in 2009. In more interesting news, Microsoft, in an attempt to boost its Internet search market share, acquires a small, start-up software company which specializes in applying artificial intelligence technology to Internet search algorithms. While performing an in-depth inventory review of all the software assets they just acquired, one Microsoft engineer turns to another and says "Hey Tim, check out this really cool chess game I found in the AI_Games folder. It's called The Turk ". And so it begins....   Didn't you just know Microsoft had something to do with SkyNet????? :-)

December 28, 2009 Prediction: Looking back on 2009, Steve Ballmer is very pleased with the fantastic reception that Windows 7 received from the computer press and the market. Holiday PC sales bucked downward recessionary trends because people wanted a new PC with Windows 7 under the Christmas tree, next to the Menorah, or tied to the Festivus pole. Microsoft stock rises 18% from the time Windows 7 is released in early November until December 28. The debacle that was Vista is now behind them, Windows Server 2008 sales are surpassing expectations, armed with their new A.I. Internet search technology Live Search surpasses Google and achieves a 55% Internet search share, the new touch screen features in the new Windows Mobile are making those devices a "must have" in the consumer space, and of course those PC vs Mac ads are gone. All is finally good again at Microsoft.

December 29, 2009 Prediction: A memory management bug in the Universe's dark matter compressor driver causes the Universe to freeze up. A reboot is required and the universe starts all over from the beginning thus bringing to an end Microsoft's one day of joy and bliss.

Rich Internet and Desktop Applications Flourish: With the continued interest and success of Silverlight more developers are brought into the world of XAML. This has an unexpected benefit of driving up WPF adoption as developers become aware of the applications they can deliver on the client.

Laptop Hardware Prediction: Solid State Drive (SSD) capacity continues to increase and prices continue to drop making SSDs a very attractive replacement for traditional hard drives on netbooks and laptop computers. Ok, that was a gimme. :-)

Solar Activity Prediction: The sun will continue to rise in the east and set in the west for the entire year. I bet you thought this one had to do with solar flares, sunspots, or solar storms didn't you. Another gimme. :-)

Uh oh, the cold water from the tea leaves (ice tea!) reacted with the glass in my crystal ball and caused the crack to expand, splitting my crystal ball in two. Looks likes I'm done prognosticating for this year. I figure next year I can look back on these and know that I got at least two right. Which two? Only time will tell... :-)

I hope 2009 brings joy, happiness, and prosperity to you and your family!

Have a great 2009!!

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