Jerry Seinfeld & Bill Gates Microsoft Promotional Video Released!

I wrote recently how Jerry Seinfeld is going to be a celebrity pitchman for Microsoft. The initial fruits of that labor have been released. Watch it and let me know what you think. UPDATE: Here's a link to a higher quality version of the video.

My feelings are mixed. Yes, it is funny. It successfully blends the observational and situational humor of Jerry Seinfeld with the dry, geeky image of BillG. While I like Seinfeld and have always found the video bits that BillG has done at Microsoft very entertaining, especially the Napoleon Dynamite spoof, I'm not sure where this is going and maybe that is the point. For now I'll go with the assumption that they are laying the ground work for future spots specifically because Jerry and Bill walked off together.

Bottom line, I like it. I like that Microsoft is actively engaging the public with an entertaining advertising campaign. I just hope it hits the mark. One thing I am hoping, though not holding my breath on, is that they begin incorporating Steve Balmer into these ads since *he* is the bigshot at Microsoft these days. I have always thought his personality would lend itself well to being the face of Microsoft. He's funny, engaging, and very energetic.

Your thoughts on the Seinfeld / Gates video?

Have a day. :-|



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